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What’s not to love about a hot, young stud just begging to pound you? Not a damn thing! I love when a hot stud tells me just how beautiful I am and how hard I make his cock just thinking about me and my big, luscious tits. Today, we’ve got Tony Vegas here with me and if he’s a good boy, I just might show him what momma has up her sleeve for him…or up this dress!sexy_vanessa_tony_vegas_hardcore 43

You know I cant resist a man like Tony Vegas. He gets the best of me and has my milf pussy dripping wet way before he even comes near me. Those muscly arms, and toned up body is just jaw dropping. I surely didn’t beat around the bush and began stripping down quicker than you can scream my name.sexy_vanessa_tony_vegas_hardcore 70

These young studs have no problem getting their cocks hard either. By the time I pulled his pants off, his cock was rock hard and ready to go. I still made sure to shove his cock in my mouth and give him a little pre-loving with my mouth before he got the chance to penetrate my soaked pussysexy_vanessa_tony_vegas_hardcore 121

And there you have it. I climbed up on top and gave him the ride of his life. You can see my pussy juices flowing right out of my cunt and onto his throbbing cock! I shook my big tits in his face while I bounced up and down on top of him. You should hear him tell me to slow down because he was getting close to exploding his man juice all inside me already. sexy_vanessa_tony_vegas_hardcore 155

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The secretary

If your in the mood, maybe after work we can go get a drink, I wanted to talk to you about getting a promotion and raise. You want to talk now. Ok, don’t you think I’m worth it boss. I mean I take care of everything for you. Don’t you like it when I give you a massage, I want to stroke that big hard cock of yours, I want to suck it dry, cum in my mouth baby, yes give it to me, I want to taste your hot cum. Give it to me, squeeze my breasts while I suck on that cock baby. Oh, that was good, so how about that promotion and raise boss, did I get it…





SV Black Dress

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