Going For A Bike Ride

Hi boys, I’m back and ready to go riding on my big Harley. I just love sitting on my bike and feeling that power beneath my pussy. Reminds me of getting fucked really hard. Do you want to fuck me baby, I’m here waiting for you. I want that big hard cock to ride me like when I ride my bike, I get so wet. Come on baby give it to me, harder, yes like that, don’t stop baby, take my jacket off, I’m cumming, give it to me now, slap my ass… yes, fuck me, oh that was good baby. Maybe we go again later for another ride….







Leather and latex

Well boys, you like my outfit baby. I just love the feel of latex and leather, feels so good on my skin. I’m feeling so playful today. You want to play with me, I have lots of toys we can play with. But first I want you to slap my ass, harder baby, yes, I love it, makes my pussy juices start to flow. Oh, I  love it, lick my pussy baby, lick it, yes like that, don’t stop, oh I’m cuming,  yes, yes…ohhh. That was good baby, let’s play with some toys now so I can make you cum for me….








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Sucking and fucking in my new lingerie

sexy_vanessa_hardcore_bed 10

How is my stud muffin doing today? I hope you’re excited for my new update! I picked up some sexy new lingerie and couldn’t wait to get home and try it on so I could show it off. I hope you like red fishnets and sheer lace bras.

sexy_vanessa_hardcore_bed 17

I’ve been a very naughty girl. Do you want to spank me? I’m ready for you to spank my MILF bubble butt. If I don’t get any dick soon, I’m going to sit on this bed post! Can you help me out?

sexy_vanessa_hardcore_bed 40It’s a little cold in here. Can’t you tell? All the better for you to nibble on. I love having my nipples pinched and gently bitten while having my pussy thrashed by a big, meaty cock. I think I can feel my pussy juices leaking through my panties already!

sexy_vanessa_hardcore_bed 65Ahhh, yes. Finally I get some dick! I’m going to suck this dick until his balls are empty. I want all of that warm, gooey cum drizzled on my lips and down my throat. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a nice cum load!

sexy_vanessa_hardcore_bed 88Of course I’ll lick and suck your balls, baby. Anything to get and keep that cock hard enough to beat the cobwebs off my snatch. How does this feel? Want to see me put both of your balls in my mouth?

sexy_vanessa_hardcore_bed 97Now that I’ve got your dick hard as a rock, I want you to fucking pound me from behind. Treat me like sex slave. Grab my hips and thrust your cock inside me as deep as you can get it. I want to feel you in my stomach.

sexy_vanessa_hardcore_bed 107I love watching you fuck me doggystyle. That big cock of yours just sliding right in my dripping wet pussy is orgasmic. Make sure you spank me while you fuck me too. Remember, I’ve been a bad girl!

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